Impact, Empower, Elevate Performance

The Journey to better Performance Starts here.


At Elevate, we strive to impact, empower, and elevate your health by improving your physical performance. We provide care at the highest efficiency, knowing you want to return to what you love to do quickly and not sacrifice your valuable time.


In order to change the direction of an object, a force must be applied. At Elevate we are going to help you by changing the direction your limitation is taking you. We understand your problem is hindering your ability to perform activities you love. We are here to help you by impacting the direction you are heading. 


At Elevate our therapist are trained not only to assist you with your pain and limitations but to empower you to take your performance into your own hands. Once we have impacted your direction we empower you to perform your passion at its fullest potential. 


We want you to transcend what you think is possible when it comes to your performance. Being impacted in a new direction and empowered to realize your full potential think of what your life could elevate to. 

What sets Elevate apart?

The current state of healthcare is hallmarked by overbearing insurance companies, long waits to see your provider, and expensive procedures and medications which do not provide adequate relief. We aim to change this climate with our patients, by streamlining your healthcare and wellness.

What does this mean for you?

  • Direct access to a doctor of physical therapy without waiting to see a physician.

  • Treatment of your complaint with effective, modern management.

  • Resolving appropriate issues faster.

  • Less cost to you than using the traditional healthcare model.

  • Improved outcomes, regain more of your function and independence.

How is this possible?

  • You will receive one on one care with your physical therapist, giving you higher quality care by focusing solely on you.

  • You will receive a custom treatment plan, catered to your individual needs.

  • Non-treatable pathologies will be recognized faster and referred out to the appropriate provider. 


Our Office

1529 Hunt Club Blvd Suite #100 Gallatin, TN, 37066