Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ)

Do you have popping, clicking, grinding, and or pain in your jaw with eating, talking, or yawning that is more than just irritating? This is not normal, and it can be helped. Many people fail to realize their jaw is slowly stiffening year after year and making it more difficult to eat and speak. You are probably thinking what can they do for a joint that involves my mouth. In most cases, TMJ issues originate from the neck. When you think about it, as our head goes forward with poor posture (yes you have poor posture) our jaw is pulled down and forward leading to stress on the joint impacting it’s mobility. Fixing posture is a good place to start, but it won’t the the fix in most cases. Regaining the mobility in your neck and jaw is what improves the noise and locking that you may be experiencing.

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