Maximize Hydration for Improved Health

How important is hydration and how much water should you consume in a day?

The truth is that water is essential for our bodies and 40-60% of our body weight is actually water. Water is frequently being used or lost, which means that we need to replenish in order to keep our body functioning correctly. The recommended daily amount suggests eight 8-ounce glasses (2 Liters or half a gallon).

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Sit Like a Pro

If you have back pain, the first step may be to adjust your chair height. That’s right, something as simple as changing the way you are sitting can reduce your chances of suffering from back pain. For the sake of your spine, consider the possibility that you have been sitting wrong. Sitting is supposed to be a resting and comfortable position but unfortunately, too much of a good thing can end up being harmful to our bodies and long-term health. Follow these pro tips if you’re ready to kick the ass out of sitting!

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Office Ergonomics; Reduce the Pain from Sitting at Your Desk

According to a study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of all occupations, 39% of the workday is spent sitting. Those occupations that are considered more “Desk Jobs” such as HR Managers, Lawyers, Insurance Sales Agents, and Software Engineers spend over 75% of their workday sitting. Now in the US workforce continues to see a shift towards a more individuals sitting all day working at a computer.  It’s important that you understand the importance of Office Ergonomics.

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