Maximize Hydration for Improved Health

How important is hydration and how much water should you consume in a day?

The truth is that water is essential for our bodies and 40-60% of our body weight is actually water. Water is frequently being used or lost, which means that we need to replenish in order to keep our body functioning correctly. The recommended daily amount suggests eight 8-ounce glasses (2 Liters or half a gallon).

Some benefits of water consumption include:

~Maximizing your mental and physical performance

~Helps you lose weight

~Contributes to your energy levels and brain function

~Acts as an aid in digestion and helps with constipation

Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that you reach your hydration goals!

  • Use a reusable & marked water bottle

  • Eat water-rich foods: For example, watermelon, cucumber, and grapefruit

  • Add flavor to your water instead of sodas

  • Sip before & after every meal

  • Track your water intake on an app (it’ll help you stay accountable)

All in all, water is a NECESSITY so it should be treated as one. Remember these 3 helpful hints in order to stay hydrated and enhance your overall health:

~Hint #1: Carry a water bottle with you

~Hint #2: If you are thirsty then you are probably already dehydrated

~Hint #3: Drink cool water instead of cold water: cool water is absorbed into the body at a faster rate than cold water