Sit Like a Pro

If you have back pain, the first step may be to adjust your chair height. That’s right, something as simple as changing the way you are sitting can reduce your chances of suffering from back pain. For the sake of your spine, consider the possibility that you have been sitting wrong. Sitting is supposed to be a resting and comfortable position but unfortunately, too much of a good thing can end up being harmful to our bodies and long-term health. Follow these pro tips if you’re ready to kick the ass out of sitting!

Pro Tip 1

Find your 90/90 -Sitting with legs supported with 90 degrees of bend at the hip makes it easier for your low back to hold a more natural curve. This position works up the chain of connections that is your spine to promote better posture. If an option, having your chair slightly tilted forward can open up your hips and also help promote a more natural curve to your low back. -Offloading your arms with an armrest will take the weight off your spine and help prevent the classic slouched forward posture associated with both the caveman and the modern day desk job lacky. The 90 degrees bend at the elbows better positions the hand for typing while helping the wrists avoid the killjoy that is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pro Tip 2

Don’t let gravity keep you down -Your upper back naturally has a more forward flexed position. Given the opportunity, gravity would forward flex our faces right into our morning breakfast. Strengthen your upper back muscles simply by having a more upright posture and not slouching throughout the day.

Pro Tip 3

Stand Up so you can Sit Right -It sound’s counterintuitive to stand up to sit right. Truthfully, one best thing we can do for our backs is to change positions. Even if you don’t have a standing desk, you can still find small moments throughout the day to stand up. Believe it or not, standing with good posture can be less work for our spine than sitting with a slouched posture. Our muscles tighten throughout the day if we don’t move them, this can create tightness associated with back pain. So stand up, stretch out, and get back to work. Pro

Tip 4

Practice Mindful-Sitting -Mindfulness: the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Throughout the day make sure you’re are asking yourself postural questions. Am I slouching right now? Do I have low back support? How long has it been since I have stood up?

Pro Tip 5

Find a Pro to Give you Tips -If you suffer from work-related pain, find a professional with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy who can give you some real relief. Physical Therapists are the movement experts and one of the best-kept secrets in American Healthcare. Physical Therapists can find the root cause of your pain and provide long term relief without just merely masking the symptoms. Do you have any questions about your pain? Click the link below to make an appointment with a professional today.