Hip Pain


Due to the shape of the hip, it is a very mobile but stable joint. It is designed to tolerate tons of force while running or jumping, while also being able to move in many directions to complete the wide variety of activities we put it through. The hip is a tricky joint for most clinicians; however, using your symptoms to guide us we can identify what you need. There are specific patterns that hip pain will follow. During your first visit, we learn your story and screen your hip, and sometimes we find out that your back is causing the pain you are experiencing. Some simple ways for you to know if it is your back or hip causing pain are:

Pain with sitting

Pain in the back area of your hip

Pain that goes from your hip to your back

Pain that goes from your hip into the leg

Numbness, burning, tingling in the leg

If you have any symptoms in the hip area with activities we will help you identify the issue and develop a plan improve your performance.

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