Your MAPP to elevated performance


Our Mobility Assessment for Performance Program is designed to be a road MAPP to elevate your performance.

Your goals:

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Improve health

  • Longevity doing what you love

How do we impact your performance?

  • We screen each joint to identify limitations.

  • We then take your data and tailor a program with specific exercises for you.

  • We teach you the exercises during the assessment.

  • We provide a printout of both the exercises and your screening.

  • We follow up over the phone or email to make sure everything is going well.

  • We can do this as often as requested to track improvements.

  • We recommend every 6 months for adults and every 4 months for kids.

Who is this for?

  • Weekend warriors

  • CrossFit athletes

  • Olympic power lifters

  • Recreational league athletes

  • Kids who play sports

  • Anyone struggling with general movement and function

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